Absolute Dental Lab

Locations: Durham, NC; Greensboro, NC; Wilmington, NC; North Charleston, SC

Conrad J Rensburg – CEO and President

Drew van Aarde – CQO Quality Assurance Officer

John Ballard – COO

Michael Fekete – Director of Finance

Tracie Jessie – General Manager Triangle

Brad Duncan – General Manager Charleston

Dave Hartman – General Manager Wilmington

Matt Vrhovac – General Manager NavaGation

Absolute was founded in 1994 and today, celebrates three decades of working with some of the most prominent surgeons, dental schools, and clinicians in the United States. The Absolute philosophy is not to only be a full-service laboratory, but rather, a full digital solutions partner to their clinicians.

Absolute offers a full range of services from world class surgical solutions, digital removables, and single crown to full arch restorations. Absolute’s technicians are well-known for their work in developing turn of the century implant dentistry protocols and published with world renowned clinicians like Doctors Carl Misch & Lyndon Cooper. Today, Absolute is acknowledged as a leader in the development, integration, and education of digital clinical workflows and plays a very active role as Key Opinion Leaders to multiple dental and implant corporations.

Several Absolute technicians have received the LMT “Top 40 under 40” award. This award recognizes the most influential technicians in the US and has only been awarded a few times over the last decade. Furthermore, Jack Marrano, Absolute’s ART Team Director, was recently acknowledged by the American College of Prosthodontists as the ACP Technician of the Year. The NavaGation Precision Guidance team is a specialized team of technicians and dental assistants responsible for the Synergy Guided Workflow solution. The highly experienced NavaGation team has processed and supported surgeons chairside with almost

10,000 surgical cases over the last decade. The proprietary Synergy full-arch solution is trusted by many highly respected surgeons and seen as one of the most efficient and predictable surgical solutions in the US.

Ultimately, Absolute’s foundation is firmly laid in education. Jack Marrano and Conrad Rensburg, Absolute’s President and CEO, are both CE accredited speakers and have presented at events like the Academy of Osseointegration, American College of Prosthodontists, Sirona-World, and multiple events in Europe.

They have published many peer-reviewed articles in clinical publications including Dentistry Today, Compendium (Implant Edition) and Inside Dentistry. They are both regular contributors to the Journal of Dental Technology, Inside Dental Technology and Spectrum magazines and both serve on the editorial boards of Canada’s Palmeri Publishing as well as DLP in the US.

Absolute Dental offers a wide range of high-quality restorative products with an emphasis on teaching clinical workflow improvements and using only the latest technologies to produce world-class dental prosthetics while minimizing post delivery complications.